Scallop crudo – a wonderful summer appetizer

This is a simple recipe I developed that has been a big hit every time I’ve served it.   The tartness of the grapefruit contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of  the scallops to make a refreshing and light summer dish.

2014-05-24 21.19.49-2

For 4 people:

1 lb. scallops, each scallop sliced into 3 thin rounds

2  red grapefruit, cut in half and sectioned

1 jalapeno pepper, diced

4 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 cup cilantro, chopped

1/4 cup olive oil

Salt and fresh-ground pepper to taste

Put the grapefruit sections in a small bowl.  Squeeze the remaining juice from the grapefruit into a larger bowl.  As the sections sit, occasionally drain juice from them into bowl.

For the vinaigrette, add the olive oil, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, salt and pepper to the juice, and whisk the mixture together .

Spread scallop slices on plates in a single layer. Mix grapefruit pieces into vinaigrette, and spoon over scallops. Let sit 5 minutes before serving.

Note: vinaigrette can be made in advance and refrigerated, but don’t add the cilantro until shortly before serving.


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