Baby lambs – in sweaters!

I was just looking at these photos I took last February, and thought it would be fun to post them.  Driving by a farm near our house in Claverack, we saw a flock of sheep, with their babies, in a pen right by the road.  It was very early in the year for them to have been born, but there they were. So, to keep them cozy, each one had a sweater on, in several fashion colors.

They’re a bit hard to see, but if you click on each photo it will display more clearly.

2014-03-16 12.59.41 2014-03-16 12.59.46 2014-03-16 12.59.58 2014-03-16 13.00.07 2014-03-16 13.00.34 2014-03-16 13.00.55

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