Monument Lane – A pleasant surprise in the west village

Monument Lane has been around for a few years, and we live only a block away, but it was one of those places we just never got around to trying. A Blackboard Eats deal for 30% off was what finally got us to give it a shot, and I’m very glad we did. Nice atmosphere, warm and attentive service, and very tasty and interesting food made it a happy experience.

I started with the pork salad, with fried pig’s ears that were crisp and delicious. Stanley began with sauteed squid. I had the tilefish with a tomato sauce and sunchoke, fava beans and olives. Stanley had another appetizer, rabbit with gnocchi and goat cheese, with a side of pole beans. I had a Saranac brown ale and he had Mother’s Milk stout.

We did not have room for dessert, but the dessert menu looked tempting.

This is definitely a place we will return to.

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