Do Hwa – Tasty Korean in the Village

Last year I posted a comparison of Hanjan and Oiji:

Then I received a Blackboard Eats deal recently for Do Hwa, so I was delighted to be able to compare another Korean place, particularly as it’s right in our neighborhood.  We had actually been to Do Hwa a few years ago, and though the food was good, we never felt compelled to return. Maybe we just didn’t try the best dishes. Having been there twice in the last month, I have to say this is really, really good, and quite reasonable even at full price.

I like that the menu is large, and the generous portions make it great for sharing. Among the appetizers, the seafood pancake and the pork ribs are exceptional. A nice assortment of side dishes and kimchi are served with main courses. We’ve had both the barbecued beef and barbecued pork, served with lettuces leaves to roll it up in, the fried chicken in a light, fluffy batter with jalapeno sauce, and the spicy sauteed squid. We loved every one of these.

I would go so far as to say I prefer Do Hwa over Oigi, though the styles are a bit different. We will definitely be making this a regular stop.





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