Back Bar – Hudson, NY


When I originally posted the report below, it was known as Bakar at Back Bar. Now it is simply Back Bar. but is still serving wonderful Malaysian food.



Bakar at Back Bar is a new restaurant from Zak Pelaccio, formerly of Fatty Crab in Manhattan, and currently owner-chef of Fish and Game in Hudson. With the opening of Bakar, Pelaccio is revisiting the Malaysian food he made popular at Fatty Crab. Unlike the very expensive Fish and Game, Bakar is moderately priced, with a limited menu consisting of small plates all well under $20. We made a very substantial meal of four plates plus two orders of rice. Dishes were curried crab with fish balls and rice noodles, bok choy with squid, spicy pork laab, and fried chicken. The indoor-outdoor setting looks like something out of Bushwick, as does most of the clientele. Service is a bit spotty, but pleasant. Once our order was taken, the food was well-paced and servers attentive.  Finding food this delicious and imaginative in Manhattan is not difficult, but in Hudson it was next to impossible, until now.  Give it a try.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up/information!

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