Obica Mozzarella Bar – Flatiron


We tried Obica after receiving a Blackboard Eats deal, and have now been there twice. I’ve tasted a number of dishes, all very good. The menu is extensive and offers the possibility to order a number of small plates or go the traditional appetizer plus main course route. The mozzarella bar is a great concept. I love mozzarella and burrata, and here they are served in creative ways.

The Mozzarella Experience includes Bufala Classica and Basil Pesto, Bufala Affumicata and Marinated Artichoke, Stracciatella and Anchovies, and Ricotta, Pine Nuts and Cranberries. The Burrata Degustazione has burrata with three different toppings:  Smoked Salmon, Sea Urchin, and Bottarga. Each of these is perfect for two to share as appetizers.
We’ve also had the mozzarella in carrozza, eggplant parmigiana, and pappardelle with duck ragu, and of the main courses, the ribeye and lamb chops. I haven’t yet tried the pizzas, but look forward to it in future.
For dessert, the semifreddo was excellent, and we also liked the tiramisu.


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