Fifth Annual Hudson Valley Dance Festival

Earlier this month we attended the Hudson Valley Dance Festival at historic Catskill Point in Catskill, sponsored by Dancers Responding to AIDS.  Stanley and I are members of the host committee.   This is the second year that there were two performances, and once again both were sold out.  Between the afternoon and evening performances there was the usual outdoor reception, and once again the weather cooperated.  The reception featured a nice spread of snacks, wine and a special cocktail, much more food than in previous years when it was just cheese sticks.  This was very nice, and available to anyone who bought an orchestra seat.   Seven hundred attended in total, and ticket sales and donations resulted in nearly $150,000 being raised, again surpassing previous years.



After the reception, we moved indoors for the performance. This time, there were nine performances, by eight different dance companies, and all of the performances were quite impressive.

The following photos of the performance are by Francisco Graciano:

Alvin-Ailey-American-Dance-Theater-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-9238b

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Cirio-Collective-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-8350b

Cirio Collective

Joshua-Beamish_MOVETHECOMPANY-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-9154


Manuel-Vignoulle-Mmotions-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-7173b

Manuel Vignoulle – Mmotions

Marty-Lawson-Abigail-Simon-Choreography-by-Rob-Ashford-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-8260b

Marty Lawson, Abigail Simon – Choreography by Rob Ashford

MOMIX-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-8686b


MOVETHECOMPANY-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-6194b


New-York-Theatre-Balley-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-6431b

New York Theatre Ballet

Tayeh-Dance-Hudson-Valley-Dance-Festival-2017-photo by Francisco Graciano-6506b

Tayeh Dance

Following the performance, we headed to the VIP reception at W + G Space, an art and photography studio in downtown Catskill.  Another change this year was that instead of a buffet at the evening receptions, there were only passed hors d’oeuvres.  But what fabulous hors d’oeuvres they were!  We made a perfect light dinner of them.


To view the Hudson Valley Dance Festival website:

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