Europe 2018 – Part 3 – Ravenna to Trieste

Saturday, 9/22

After our tour of the Northern Marche, we landed in Ravenna in the early evening, in preparation for a long drive on Sunday to Croatia via Trieste.

On the way into Ravenna, we stopped at the church of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, to see the wonderful mosaics we had missed some years back when we visited Ravenna for the first time, as the church was closed that day.

2018-09-22 18.05.492018-09-22 17.56.49-12018-09-22 17.57.34

We stayed at the B&B Hotel, a chain we love from having stayed in several in France.  No frills, ridiculously cheap, comfortable, air-conditioned and conveniently located.  Unfortunately, without GPS we had some difficulty locating it, but we finally stopped at another hotel along the edge of town, and the desk clerk was so helpful and gracious, providing me with a map and directions, and we subsequently had no problem finding the hotel.

Shortly after arriving, we headed to dinner at Trattoria La Rustica, for which I credit Tripadvisor.  This was superb, and luckily I had reserved well in advance, as it was very busy and people were being turned away.

2018-09-22 22.20.402018-09-22 20.36.42

We started with smoked goose breast (can never resist this) with fennel and grapefruit, then strozzapreti with gorgonzola sauce and chestnuts.  For the main course, Stanley had roasted rabbit with potatoes, and I had faraona (breast of Guinea hen). We had a side of grilled vegetables. For the wine, we chose a Sangiovese di Romagna 2015 (14.50 euros).  With water, the total was 65.50.  Unbelievable!

Sunday, 9/23

Setting out early on Sunday, we arrived in Trieste in time for a superb lunch at Citta de Cherso, listed in Michelin. It’s a hidden gem.  While we saw loads of people eating at open air cafes around the center, this place, on a nondescript street a couple of blocks off the main piazza, had only  a few tables occupied.

2018-09-23 14.58.55

I should note that it is a bit pricey, but not unreasonable for the quality. We had a mixed seafood plate, gnocchetti, seafood mixed grill, fish filet, green beans with tomato, and gateau St. Honore. With a bottle of Pinot Grigio, water and coffee, total was 106 euros.  A little over our budget (Trieste is not cheap), but worth every penny.

After lunch, a quick stroll before leaving for Croatia.

2018-09-23 15.09.11

2018-09-23 13.05.032018-09-23 15.09.042018-09-23 15.02.312018-09-23 15.03.38

See next post for Croatia and Slovenia.





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  1. Beautiful photos!

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