Though it has been in existence since 2019, chef/owner Alfred Portale was for 35 years the chef and part owner of the legendary Gotham Bar and Grill, Stanley and I only recently became aware or his new venture, and have now been there twice. Everything about Portale feels right, from the charming ambience to the luscious food to the attentive and cordial service. Though bustling, the sound level is quite tolerable.

With 9 appetizers, 5 pastas and 6 main courses. the menu is sufficiently varied that dining here multiple times would not become boring.

Dishes we loved include cauliflower salad, carpaccio, frutti di mare, lumache, agnolotti, bucatini, pork chop and duck breast. The chocolate mousse was exceptional, and the bomboloni were very good. Wine prices, while not low, did not carry too high a mark-up over retail.

We are looking forward to more dinners here.


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