In our quest to find restaurants we haven’t tried before, we’ve been checking out places that have been around awhile but have eluded our notice. Rosa Mexicano is one of these, and we were pleasantly surprised.

The space is huge, it can be noisy, and the service can be a bit distracted, but the food makes up for these minor quibbles.

We started with nachos, which were completely different from the usual pile of chips and cheese. This was neater and easier to eat, almost like a crisp quesadilla. We also had a shrimp ceviche which was very good. For the main courses, we loved the carnitas, though the tacos served with it were not of the best quality (I was happy to eat it without the tacos anyway). The quesadilla with steak could have had a bit more meat in it, but was tasty and fine for the price. The tres leches cake was simple and delicious. On the whole, a very good and filling meal. We also got a nice pitcher of red sangria.

We will defintitely be back.

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