Dinner at NoMad

Went to the NoMad this past Thursday, our second time there.  We had such a spectacular dinner the first time that perhaps my expectations were too high.  This time the food was good but not as exciting.  The wonderful chicken liver mousse is not on the menu now.  I started with a marinated hamachi appetizer with beets, which was good but didn’t wow me.  The halibut was also fine, with fava beans, which I love, but this was something I could do at home.   The gnocchi and roast beef that Stanley had were really great.  I wish I had ordered those dishes.  We shared an orange dessert that was good but I can’t even describe it in detail so I guess it was not very memorable.  Overall a very nice meal, but awfully pricey for what it is.  I could be wrong but it seemed like the prices were higher than a couple of months ago.

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