My partner, Stanley, is the Secretary of the Council for Canadian-American Relations, so last night we attended the 40th anniversary gala at the Metropolitan Club honoring Jacqueline Desmarais and Frank Gehry.  CCAR is an organization whose purpose is to foster and encourage awareness, understanding and appreciation between the peoples of Canada and the United States through the arts.


The Metropolitan Club is a magnificent building.  Food was good but not exceptional.  We were seated with a Scottish couple who had recently moved to New York and are renting an apartment in Central Harlem, which they have humorously dubbed Scottish Harlem.  They are quite excited about their neighborhood, its restaurants, convenient transportation, and wonderful views from their glass walls. It was interesting to hear this confirmation of Harlem’s recent popularity.  I also spoke with several people from Toronto and Ottawa, including a major real estate broker, who were surprised to hear about the extremely low inventory of property for sale in Manhattan.  We had a fun evening with many fascinating people.

More photos at Patrick



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