Chop-Shop II – Interesting Asian in Flatiron

Photo Aug 30, 9 14 40 PM

Photo Aug 30, 8 39 47 PM


Photo Aug 30, 8 39 55 PM

Chop-Shop II is the Flatiron branch of Chop-Shop in West Chelsea.  Not having been to the original, I can’t compare them, but we have enjoyed our two meals here very much.  My only complaint is that, as with many Asian restaurants, the food comes out a little too fast. You can easily be in and out in forty-five minutes.

The food is a mixture of Chinese, Thai and other styles.  Dishes are well spiced without being mouth-burning.  We loved the lamb dumplings, chicken lollipops, coconut curry risotto, spare ribs, and flank steak.  Szechuan orange beef  and drunken noodles with shrimp were good but could have been spicier.  I love that they serve Beer Lao.

Service was cordial and attentive.




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